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Every business, whether it be a sole trader, partnership, LLP or limited company has a requirement for one important thing “The need for money”. 

Start-up costs; research and development; purchase/lease/refurbishment of property; stock; wages; equipment; plant and machinery; working capital.......

We assist clients identify the funding solutions required to grow their business.

A personal and confidential approach to your business finances.

We take the time to assess your business aspirations, whether you are:-

a) Starting up

b) Considering expanding your current business

c) Seeking investment for your business

d) Seeking an alternative funding source

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Where I Have Been and What I Do

Bill Christie, Managing Director of CER Business Finance Ltd, is a Chartered Banker and a Fellow of the Chartered Banker Institute.


Having had a career of over 25 years with a Scottish Clearing Bank,(which started in my home town of Kirkcaldy, Fife) including seven years in London, I was responsible for the setting up of the first ever Business Development Unit at Branch level in a Scottish Bank.

My business development attributes coupled with my experience in managing a large lending department led me to be appointed to develop the activities of a Scottish Merchant Bank....

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Bill Christie FCBI

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Chartered Banker

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Identifying suitable funding is NOT always about the High Street lenders.  They have their place BUT there are so many other alternatives to consider.

When discussing a client’s requirements it is not the case of what they “want” but what they “NEED”

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We have expertise in many industry sectors. No matter what your business we can help.

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As your “Business and Commercial Finance Facilitator” we do not have “all the answers” but with over 40 years of experience and an extensive network of professional and business connections Bill Christie would be pleased to discuss your AND your clients business.

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By way of introduction. In the mid 1980’s having been Head of The Advances Department of The Gordon Street Office, Glasgow of The Royal Bank of Scotland I was “invited” to set up what was the first Business Development Unit of any Bank in Scotland. It was a great success, but when I suggested making it “Scotland wide” I was advised that I was “Empire Building.”  So much for being 5 years “ahead.” That ended a career, which started in Kirkcaldy, Fife, of 25 Years with the Royal, Bank of Scotland. including 7 years in London, as I was headhunted to Develop the Companies within the former James Finlay Bank Group. When a new Chairman of the parent company, James Finlay Plc decided to sell off all the Companies within the Bank, I decided to set up my own consultancy......

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