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Having been a Performance coach for almost 20 years, Sheena uses her extensive experience as a former competitive swimmer and Team GB coach for the Special Olympics, to promote the strong synergies between the requirement to be a top athlete and what it takes to become a high achiever in business. She uses sports training techniques to drive optimum performance so that even setbacks can be used to bounce back and deliver Olympic winning strategies in the business world today.

Sheena is an international speaker, speech coach and performance consultant with a rich history of applying proven strategies to her client’s businesses, careers, and life; Sheena is renowned within the fields of business development, international speech coaching, public speaking and performance coaching.

Sheena wants to position her clients in authority roles in their respective industries. She is a certified Tony Robbins Advanced Strategic Performance Results Coach, a licenced Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and is the founder of the Pitch Perfect Speaking System ™.

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Would you like to go to the next level in your Professional Speaking and Business Mastery in 2023?

Never before has there been an opportunity to access top quality information to help you step up as a speaker. I’ve pulled together all the very best of my knowledge, skills, and experience in Professional Speaking and Business Mastery and put them into my VIP coaching club.

These learning resources are updated weekly.

And if you have a specific request, I’ll shoot a video for you and add it!

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Sheena LC Walker BA

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Joining our 6-week speaker-coaching program is different from any other presentation skills training. You will be trained using a unique approach to be an inspiring speaker.

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All our unique products and services are designed to give you the Olympic winning edge.

Having a plan gives you a focus, so your aren’t all over the place. This call will help you get clients, create

more income and the lifestyle you want.

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Do You Want an Edge…An Olympic Winning Edge?

Do You Want To Multiply Your Performance x25?

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Discover how to build Public Speaking skills and break your performance boundaries.

Learn the latest presentation skills and unique speech coaching techniques to accelerate your success.

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Sheena turns experts into an authority by creating world class programs conceptual models and performance skills 

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Sheena’s keynotes have inspired thousands on performance management, performance coaching, public speaking, leadership and personal success.

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