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Eleven years of living and overlanding in the Middle East has seen me learn much about the local people, culture, and landscapes.

A desire to share this with not only my friends but with a wider audience, saw me founding Xpedition Arabia. I am a long-time blogger on all things Middle East and my alter-ego is The Desert Diva.

Apart from a professional wanderer, I’m an accredited Abu Dhabi Tour Guide, Offroad Expert for OutdoorUAE Magazine.

I have been a recce crew member and media drivers team leader for the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, as well as being a fixer for TV crews in the Liwa area of the UAE.

About Us

Xpedition Arabia offers amazing guided self-drive adventures in the Middle East. If you’re tired of the same old beach holidays and want to have a real story to share with your friends about your vacation, why not sign up for one of our off-the-beaten-track, far-from-tourists adventures in Oman, Saudi Arabia or the UAE; we have packages which include hire car, petrol, hotels, food and guide services.

Marina is a skilled offroad coach so no previous offroad driving experience is required before embarking on one of our adventures, but, it is important that you enjoy driving as we will cover 1800kms+ which typically includes 500-700kms offroad. Our convoys are small, with no more than 5 guest cars, and you will be looked after by Marina and a carefully chosen local guide.  

Marina Bruce

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Xpedition Arabia offers tours from 6-8 nights across a variety of terrains; from mountains to beaches, wadis (dried up rivers) to deserts; you will find a photo opportunity at every turn of the wheel. 

Want to find out more about our adventures?

Book yourself a short zoom meeting with us and we’d be delighted to chat about our favourite subject!

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New for 2021, our adventures in Saudi Arabia will see us discover amazing terrains and cultural sights in a land where very few have explored before.

We organise 1 and 2-night offroad trips through vast desert landscapes with wild camping in remote deserts.  Our tours are ideal for expats with their own cars and tourists with externally rented cars

Want to learn the basics of offroading?  Do you have visitors and would like to take them out to the desert for a day?  Or are you a social club who would like a fun team-building weekend?

We can organise an amazing desert experience for your group.